We Had an FND Idea


You might think that FND is a funny title phrase, but it’s actually the abbreviation for our name “Freedom Never Dies”. So, hince the name, We’ve turned it into a hashtag #FND.

That Was Easy, Like Not!

Back in November of 2020, We were thinking of a t-shirt brand that had to do with the word freedom, and right away thought of “Freedom Never Dies”. We were at Staples and the “Easy” button was right there staring at us. Like the button says “That Was Easy” we thought that starting the t-shirt business would be a quick set up. We found out that planning and executing our vision was far from easy.

T-Shirt Journey

We just launched “Freedom Never Dies” the t-shirt business on February 2nd 2021, just shy of 3 months after the idea sparked. The journey of making connections, buying product, setting up the physical shop, creating the website, and connecting to some social platforms like Facebook and Instagram has been a tough road to pull up on. We can tell you that it has paid off, and we are pleased to stick around with new ideas that work.

Our FB Fan Page

As our future progresses, we hope to bring awareness to those that wear our shirts. We want to come from a positive vibe, but we know we are just the shirt. You and I have our own unique thoughts of what Freedom means to us, and truely that is our mission. The #FND Mission is to spark awareness around us about Freedom, even if it’s in the mirror.

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