The Unwritten Constitution Explained

Unwritten Constitution defined

Let’s define what the unwritten constitution means. These are things that the United States has developed as practices or traditions in order to allow the Government to function properly. There are Four Categories regarding the unwritten constitution. These Categories include: The Presidential Cabinet, The Political Party System, The Committee System, The Judicial Review System.

The Presidential Cabinet

When a President of the United States becomes President, They can elect people into their Presidential cabinet. The Congress can also create cabinets and elect people to present Bills before the Congress Body. Even though this isn’t written in The US Constitution, it is done as a practice to help maintain the Government.

The Political Party System

The U.S. Government and it’s Constitution doesn’t restrict our country to any certain politcal party systems or restrict to how many there can be. For example we have 3 major political parties including the Republican Party, The Democratic Party, and The Independant Party. Within these parties we have Groups or Parties such as the Conservative, the Liberal, the Reformists, the Socialist, and The Green Party. Views, Values, and Beliefs can be unlimited and more defined as our country evolves.

The Committee System

There are many steps on how a Bill is presented to Congress. One of the first steps is through The Committee System. For instance 16 or more committees in the House can present a Bill to the House of Representatives. The House Votes, then the Senate and it’s committees Vote. These steps are not written in our constitution, they are just channels of how to organize Ideal Legistration into Law.

The Judicial Review System

The Judicial System (Supreme Court) is a last checks and balances review of Bills put into Law. This is where they weigh out the scales of government law to see if it is constitutional or if these laws infringe on our Freedom and Rights of the States and the People.

Unwritten Constitution Summary

In summary, there are some unwritten constitutional processes that are in place to manage our U.S Government and it’s Freedom Procedures. Just some of these simple traditions and practices help keep the Government intact. Although at times the balance of power can weigh more on one side or the other, it always bounces back and Freedom Never Dies so to speak.

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