Freedom to Express My Holiday Wishes

Freedom Never Dies, Freedom of Expression, Freedom to Express

Offended Customer Forces Business to Take Down Window Decal

   This is a story about how this business’s window decal offended the local public. I remember passing a surf/bike shop that had Santa Claus on a surfboard and the written words “Merry Christmas” on the Window. It was awesome and you could tell that the window decal artist put talented effort into his work. Everyone raved about the art on the storefront of this business and this put a smile on our faces. You can only guess what happened later that week.

  Later that week, I wanted a haircut and I knew I would have to pass the bike shop again. Living in Thousand Oaks, I drove over to Newbury Park California to book the trimmy trim session. Behold the precious artwork is gone and right in the middle of the season. I was upset and confused. I got the guts up and walked into the business to ask the owner what’s going on.

Threatened A Lawcase

   The private owner of the bike/surf shop told me that someone threatened to sue him, if he didn’t take the artwork down. This person implied that he was being discriminatory towards other beliefs and faiths of the season. Yes, I did speak up and say that he had the right and freedom to put whatever he wanted on his storefront, but the conversation didn’t go further, because he didn’t want to be sued.

Welcome Our Freedoms and Rights With Open Arms

   We can’t let our freedoms die just because the public eye gets offended. When we own a business, we should always have freedoms to express our unalienable rights. The Solution should have been to keep the decor up or add the words “Happy Holidays” to attract a broader audience of customers. No matter what, freedom never dies and that’s why we have the freedom and right to express ourselves.

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