SuperBowl LV Freedom

Freedom SuperBowl

Since the Pandemic, some of us didn’t know what to expect this football season. It does feel like a Freedom Superbowl, and we know the superbowl movement surely won’t die.A good update is that SuperBowl LV(55) is allowing fans to physically attend at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida. Football teams Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be free to watch on CBS Live on February 7th 2021.

Battle for the Lombardi Trophy

Watching or participating in the game is important cause we all get to have a healthy distraction and inbrace our football freedoms. It’ll be exciting to watch Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy.

Commercial Sneak Peak

This is a Sneak Peak Picture of the Commercials that will be playing during the game. And we can’t forget that “The Weekend” will be performing during the Halftime show, brought to you by Pepsi. Just wish we could get some free pepsi! Enjoy the show Freedom Stand Fans!

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