Freedom Never Dies – Harry T Moore


In the early 1900’s, Harry Tyson Moore was succesful in his fight for equal rights. Harry Moore was born on November 18th 1905 and his death was on December 25th 1951, when a explosion at his house killed his wife and himself in Florida. Moore was known for “Equal Pay for Teachers” and “Equal Voter Registration”. He left this world 14 years before Malcom X and 17 years before Martin Luther King Jr.

His Legacy “Freedom Never Dies” still lives on. For more Detailed Bio, you can visit PBS @

Education Bound

Luckily not born a slave, instead Harry Moore had an opportunity to go to college and receive a well rounded education.
After spending time in Jacksonville Florida in 1919, he went to Florida Memorial College and became a teacher then principal
in Cocoa Florida in 1925. He then married Harriette Vyda Simms and had 4 children: Harry, Harriet, Evangeline, and Peaches(Annie).
For years he believed in teaching and leading his family in education.

Freedom Never Dies Harry T Moore and Harriette V Moore Memorial Homesite
Freedom Never Dies Harry T Moore and Harriette V Moore Memorial Homesite

Equal Rights Journey

In 1934, Harry started the NAACP in Brevard County, FL. Then in 1937, with Thurgood Marshall of Newyork, Harry T Moore filed the first
lawsuit to equalize Teacher’s salaries. This eventually led to equalized results and Moore’s fight for equal rights. Moore was
big into registering voters anddedicated himself to 1000’s of legal cases, by 1943. One major victory that Marshall and Moore
won was “Smith vs Allwright” case in US Supreme Court. Overtime regarding scandals, Harry and his wife were murdered. They will be
remembered for giving over their lives to the Freedom Never Dies movement.

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