Vision of Free America – History

Vision of Free America, Freedom Never Dies

The End of Slavery

Elizabeth Freeman (1744-1828) was the first african woman to sue Massachusetts for freedom. This triggered a number
of lawsuits which led to the end of slavery by the end of the 18th century. more info @

Equal Pay

An educated man, Harry T Moore was known for “Equal Pay for Teachers” and “Equal Voter Registration”.
In Florida, year 1937, the first lawsuit was filed with Thurgood Marshall. This lead to the victory case of
“Smith vs Allwright”. more info @

Risking It All for Freedom

Around 1760 from Virginia, James Armistead Lafayette became a spy for General George Washington in the Revolutionary War.
James was able to get close to British General Cornwall and Benedict Arnold by pretending to give up dirt on the
American Colonists. His intel on the Brits is credited on the Victory of the Battle of Yorktown, in 1781. Lafayette
was willing to risk it all to see the Vision of Free America of the future. more info @

Freedom Never Dies

Discussing the concept of Liberty and Freedom, if America and it’s people can keep practicing this concepts, we will still be the Greatest Nation in the World.

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